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Planning acquisition or sale strategies

Planning acquisition strategies is a critical process for businesses seeking to grow, diversify, or strengthen their market position through acquisitions. Effective acquisition strategies require careful consideration of various factors, from identifying target companies to financing the transaction and integrating the acquired entity such as:

  1. Defining strategic goals and financial objectives
  2. Due diligence –financial, legal and operational due diligence
  3. Financing and capital structure
  4. Legal and regulatory considerations in acquisition
  5. Integration planning and team assembly
  6. Management and ownership structure
  7. Post acquisition adaptation

On the sale side, selling your business is a pivotal moment and one that can define your financial future and legacy. To achieve the best outcomes, you need more than just a willing buyer – you need a strategic approach to ensure the continued success of the business. Our team can assist in addressing these components of a sale, specifically:

  1. Valuation guidance via external financial partners
  2. Assessing market conditions and exit timing
  3. Tax planning
  4. Negotiation of fundamental tenets
  5. Structure of transaction – strategic v financial buyers; rollups
  6. Succession planning
  7. Employee continuity
  8. Post closing support


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