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We believe it’s possible to get Bay Street caliber service without paying the premium of downtown Toronto prices. At Kalfa Law Firm, we blend unrivaled expertise with cost-effective and expedient solutions in a boutique practice. Specializing in private Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Corporate-Commercial Law ensures we’re not spread thin across multiple sectors. We live and breathe these core areas of the law allowing us to consistently update our knowledge, refine our strategies, and achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.

What drives us? We are passionate about helping businesses – from inception to growth and eventual transition of ownership. We elevate entrepreneurs, business owners and investors, helping them achieve success for their families. Our experience has seen us represent a diverse range of clients across various industries, showcasing our adaptability and deep understanding of the nuances each private sector presents. Complementing our commitment to corporate-commercial endeavors, our foundation is enriched by a robust background in tax law. This allows us to integrate valuable tax insights into our corporate-commercial offerings, ensuring a holistic and informed approach to every client matter. In a world where generalization is common, we take pride in ensuring our clients benefit from a specialized and focused practice reflecting our commitment to precision and excellence in these core legal fields.

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