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Shareholder disputes

Shareholders of a small business corporation are often related parties or even family members. There may come a time when a shareholder will want to exit the corporation and sell his or her shares and move on to other ventures. Or a shareholder may not be pulling his or her weight in the corporation or may be extracting income without the requisite authority. Things may become contentious, embroiling the shareholders in a dispute that will likely obstruct any effective business management. What can you do?

How to Handle a Shareholder Dispute

Legal representation is most often required. With our knowledge of corporate law, we will guide you through the process of dispute resolution. We are not litigators and therefore have no vested interest in pursuing a dispute between two parties in the court system. We make all attempts to resolve the shareholder dispute and lower the temperature on the issues to the extent possible. At the end of the day, a partnership is a marriage and issues will arise. Our role is to review the law to empower you with the information as to what you can and cannot do or what your partner’s obligations or rights are. We are also here to facilitate communication and negotiate with the other party such that objectives are reached.

In the event of a shareholder’s dispute, we have the creative solutions and the experience to resolve the dispute in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible. Our knowledge of corporate law will assist you through the shareholder dispute process to obtain an outcome that is most beneficial to you. If no resolution can be had, then we can negotiate for the exit of one party as well as draft the documents to give effect to that departure.

Involved in a shareholders dispute? Contact one of our corporate lawyers for assistance.


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