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Corporate-commercial law is a broad area of legal practice that every business will invariably encounter. Corporate law can be regarded as internal to a corporation, such as its internal organization and constitution, its officers, directors and shareholders and the documents which govern the relationship between these parties such as shareholders agreement or employee stock option plans. Commercial law can be regarded as external to a corporation and focuses on how the corporation interacts with third parties such as customers, suppliers, lenders, landlords or franchisors in commercial contracts, commercial financing or commercial leasing contracts, and other matters.

Business Formation and Structure

Business structure range from corporations to partnerships, sole proprietorships and joint ventures. Choosing the right business structure depends on factors such as liability protection, taxation, management structure, and long-term business goals.

Internal Corporate Governance

Internal corporate governance documents play a pivotal role in organizing the relationships between a company’s internal key managers and stakeholders. These documents include corporate bylaws, shareholders agreements, employee stock option and incentive plans, and more.

Corporate Changes

Corporate changes encompass a wide range of maneuvers that shape the structure of a business such as corporate reorganizations, purifications, section 85 rollovers, section 86 share exchanges or estate freezes, amalgamations, amendments and more.

Financing the Corporation

Financing a corporation involves obtaining the necessary capital to fund its operations, investments, and growth initiatives, which capital typically comes in two forms: debt or equity.

General Contracts

Every business will invariably require a set of contracts in which to govern their interactions with their customers and suppliers. These contracts establish the terms and conditions of transactions, protect rights, and minimize risks for all parties involved.

Commercial leasing

Commercial leasing involves renting or leasing commercial properties such as office spaces, retail stores, industrial facilities, or warehouses for business purposes. Commercial leasing is a vital aspect of business operations, providing companies with access to suitable spaces for their operations.

Corporate maintenance, governance and compliance

Every corporation is required to keep and maintain a corporate minute book which is a physical or digital repository that contains important documents and records related to a corporation’s formation, governance, and ongoing operations which must be updated with annual resolutions each year.

Shareholder disputes

Shareholders of a small business corporation are often related parties or even family members. There may come a time when a shareholder will want to exit the corporation and sell his or her shares and move on to other ventures. Things may become contentious, embroiling the shareholders in a dispute that will likely obstruct any effective business management. What can you do?

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