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Contract Drafting and Review

As corporate commercial lawyers, we ensure that all contracts—simple to complex—are negotiated, drafted, and reviewed to ensure that the rights of all parties to the contract are protected and that the contract is reliable, legal, and enforceable.

Our business lawyers draft a variety of commercial agreements. These include employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, sales agreements, distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, non-solicitation agreements, service agreements; supply agreements, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, and other commercial contracts.

We will address a myriad of terms and provisions central to contract law, including pricing and payment, term and termination, representations & warranties, indemnifications, limitations on liability, confidentiality, insurance, ownership and licensing rights, assignability, and dispute resolution procedures.

For example, you may want a corporate-commercial or business lawyer to help you draft a services agreement for your business which establishes the terms under which you provide services to your customers, fees and other important matters.

When drafting a contract, we will consider all critical factors, which may include the importance of relationship between the parties, the company’s risk tolerance, the credit worthiness of the counter-party, and the likelihood of a breach of agreement.

Our lawyers will broaden or restrict the scope of each clause to best support the client’s goals and concerns, make sure that the clauses work together and do not contradict one another in any manner, and ensure all language is clear, unambiguous, and sufficiently detailed to cover each party’s rights and obligations.

What We’ve Done

Our commercial contract law team have drafted asset purchase agreements for the sale of assets worth between $3M and $20M for several publicly traded companies. Our lawyers have reviewed commercial financing agreements in the tens of millions of dollars and prepared sales agreements for a variety of industries including restaurant, aggregate mining, franchise, cryptocurrency, and the sale of professions.

With years of experience in corporate and commercial law, Kalfa Law Firm is your perfect partner for all your business needs.

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