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The Toronto tax lawyers at Kalfa Law Firm assist individuals and corporate clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area in tax disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency or Department of Justice. We are proud to serve the business interests of those living in Toronto, the capital city of Ontario at the centre of international business, finance, arts and culture. While Toronto can boast many virtues, including being one of the world’s most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities, its high cost of living has made it all the more critical for business owners and individuals to seek the services of an experienced tax lawyer, who can provide expert tax and business counsel to ensure tax savings and maximize wealth.

Resolving Tax Disputes with the CRA in Toronto

Our Toronto tax lawyers will prepare comprehensive submissions and appeals that defend and further our clients’ interests in the following circumstances:

  • Audits
  • Denial of Deductions
  • Denial of Benefits and Credits
  • Pre-Assessment or Post-Assessment Review
  • Notice of Objection (Internal Appeals)
  • Arbitrary Assessments

Where necessary, our Toronto tax lawyers bring matters to the Tax Court of Canada or Federal Court of Canada to appeal the decision of the CRA.

Tax Payer Relief in Toronto

We assist our clients in Toronto with reducing their tax debt by preparing Taxpayer Relief Applications to reduce or eliminate the ballooning penalties and interest levied by the CRA.

Voluntary Disclosure Program in Toronto 

We prepare Voluntary Disclosure applications for clients in Toronto, who have failed to report their full income or offshore holdings in previous taxation years, allowing them to correct incorrect filings without the CRA’s imposition of harsh penalties and interest.

Lifting of CRA’s Penalties Toronto 

For those clients in Toronto who experience the CRA’s more severe collection and enforcement actions, such as garnishments, liens and seizures, our Toronto tax lawyers negotiate with the CRA to lift the enforcement actions and establish a voluntary payment plan.

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Tax Planning Toronto

Our Toronto tax lawyers provide tax-planning services to individuals and businesses throughout Toronto requiring personal, corporate, international, and estate planning solutions, helping to avoid potential problems, reduce tax burdens and maximize wealth.

Toronto Integrative Solutions

Our Toronto tax division collaborates with our Toronto corporate-commercial/business law division in the preparation of corporate tax structures, providing optimally integrative solutions for the following:

  • Tax burdens
  • International trade
  • Foreign incorporation
  • Corporate structuring

Our cost-effective tax plans and strategies meet the dynamic and evolving nature of your business in Toronto as it grows and changes over time. Our tax planning services enable businesses in Toronto to access eligible deductions and benefits, defer the paying of taxes to a later date, and pay taxes at a lower marginal tax rate:

  • S85 rollover
  • S86 estate freeze
  • Income sprinkling
  • Disposition of assets
  • Capital cost allowances
  • Contributing to registered and private plans

For more detailed list of how Kalfa Law Firm’s Toronto  tax lawyers can help you with our tax restructuring and tax planning services, please click here:

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